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Join the winning team with House of Champs x PushPro

We proudly announce we’ve joined the winning team by partnering with House of Champs. By working together, we help athletes and corporates to bring their business to the next level.

Meet House of Champs

House of Champs is the first exclusive agency specialized in athletes and corporates. Their two business pillars work together and share their specialties. They are focused on making your dreams come true and taking your business to the next level by providing personal and customized service. From personal branding & brand development to coaching, they do it all.

Stop dreaming, start doing. That’s their motto! They know the importance of excellent personal branding and next-level marketing and they are here to help you. Make a difference, increase your brand awareness, get guidance and advice on your business decisions, and make sure you’ll finish in first place.

Become a champ

PushPro gives House of Champs’ customers the power to, among others,

  • increase brand awareness
  • send personalized messages to website visitors/fans
  • improve engagement rates
  • get direct support when installing PushPro

Our partnership with House of Champs opens up a whole new audience. It allows us to extend our reach, broaden our customer base and the industries we serve, and show the world that Push Notifications are powerful for each and every online ‘business’.

Stevanija Zečević, Founder of House of Champs, said:

“The only way to really reach your customer in the communication jungle is by using the newest techniques like PushPro.”

Cheers to this great, exciting partnership with House of Champs! Together, we provide their clients with the power to increase customer engagement, boost business growth, and improve brand awareness. We’re the winning team, only champs allowed.

Become a champ in marketing and start engaging with your website visitors now. With our 14-day free trial, we give you the opportunity to get a grasp of what business success tastes like. Start now!

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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