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Combine Email with Push Notification Marketing

Benefits of combining multiple marketing strategies

Most businesses that come up with new marketing strategies are trying to replace the existing strategies, but that’s not us! We highly recommend you to combine Push Notification Marketing with any other type of marketing you are already performing.🔗

Did you know that only 3% of your website visitors are actively looking to buy something? The others are more orienting, surfing the web. People are thus not always ready to buy the first time you launch an offer. Therefore, strategies such as Email Marketing and Push Notification Marketing are great to remind them once again of your super awesome new offer!

Email VS. Push Notifications

The biggest difference between Email Marketing and Push Notifications is the amount of information needed from subscribers and the length of the message. But both have the same goals: To connect with your audience, to promote your brand, and to increase sales and customer engagement. How? By sharing news, promoting new blogs, announcing the launch of new items, informing about upcoming sales, and there are many more options.

Research shows that, on average, 2% of your website visitors sign up for your newsletter. For Push Notifications, on the other hand, an average of 20% opts-in. By combining these strategies, you could turn your blind spots into sweets spots, or in other words, you can reach the people who don’t sign up for your newsletter but do opt-in for your Push Notifications!

Chart about the email and push notification opt-in rate

The reason why the Push Notification opt-in rate is much higher than for email is that people don’t have to leave any personal details. No email address, no phone number, no name, just their consent to receive Push Notifications. So, they receive the information they want, but without giving any of their private information.

Thus, make sure you include Push Notification Marketing into your marketing strategy. It is effective, affordable, easy, and powerful! Just a 5-minute installation and you are good to go. Engaging with your website visitors has never been so easy!🔔

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